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Ainsworth Dickenson

Ownership of Dickenson’s Maintenance & Sales N.V, and operating for more than 20 years in the Island of Dutch Sint. Maarten. The company set out to serve the community in the construction field but mostly professionalize in the plumbing department. The owner of the company is a professional plumber and one that you can really trust for the best service. In the plumbing department once Ainsworth Dickenson is around you will not have any problem that cannot be solved! Contact Us Today for quality service Other services are attached to the business if ever you are in need: Roofing, painting, carpentry, masonry & more.

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Purpose and Goals

Our purpose and goals are to give services of trustworthiness and to make one’s home a better place to live. In my lifetime I have achieved the art of being a Professional Plumber and also been called into the Ministry of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.


Our service is to serve you in any home problem, therefore if at any time you encounter any plumbing problem in your home and need an answer to them, don’t hesitate to inquire.

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Ainsworth Dickenson

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