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Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pumps

Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pump Installation
Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pumps

Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pumps

Domestic hot water circulator pumps turn on and off to maintain a user’s chosen temperature. They also consume less energy than a continuously operating pump.

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Many modern heating systems utilize a hot water circulation pump to supply hot water to the fixtures in the home. These circulator pumps can also be used to heat cold water.


Domestic hot water circulator pumps provide a source of on-demand heat or re-heat for your home’s plumbing system. The pump is designed to turn on whenever someone wants a sink, bathtub, or another tap to supply hot water or when the temperature of the pumped liquid is below a certain level (see the table below).

The thermostat of a domestic hot water circulator pump is an electronic switch that, in response to a request for heat, turns on the circulator pump. The thermostat is usually an inexpensive, easy-to-install, low-voltage device connected to a heating water pipe. It will turn on the pump in response to a temperature change from one set point to another in the building’s heating piping system.

Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pumps
Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pumps

Most residential heating circulating pumps cannot generate maximum flow rates against the system’s resistance (see the table below). If the heating piping is full of air, it may be necessary to replace the circulator pump with a larger capacity unit which will then produce a higher flow rate.

Some residential heating systems, converted from central furnaces to hydronic systems, may have a high mineral content in the original water loaded into the system when it was built. This problem is more common in closed hydronic systems where the water remains forever, except when emptied for service or when there’s a leak.

A heating system that uses multiple thermostats and circulator pumps to divide the building’s heat into individual zones is often equipped with a low-voltage zone valve which opens and closes the flow of hot water through the piping in each sub-zone of the building. The thermostats of the individual zones will then turn on the heating circulator pumps in response to the zone’s desire for heat.

Hot Water Circulator Pumps
Hot water Circulator Pumps

The thermostats of some heating systems will also be able to sense when they’re in the “off” position and automatically shut off the circulator pumps in response. This is a great way to save money by not having to run the circulator pump when it’s off and not needed.

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A domestic hot water circulator pump is an energy-saving device that keeps the hot water in your home’s plumbing system from being wasted. It can save up to thousands of gallons of water annually by keeping hot water flowing in your plumbing lines rather than waiting to cool when you turn on the tap.

A timer for a domestic hot water circulation pump can be used to trigger the pump to run on a schedule. This can be done for energy efficiency or to control the amount of hot water the family uses.

The timer on a domestic hot water circulation pump is designed to start the pump whenever there’s a demand for hot water. It can be programmed to run every 15 minutes to keep the water in your pipes at a constant temperature. The timer also allows the family to choose how many times the pump will turn on and off a day.

When using a domestic hot water circulator pump, choosing one capable of handling your application and heating needs is essential. For example, if you’re a homeowner with a tankless water heater and want the pump to activate every time hot water is used, look for a pump rated at a high power output. 

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Some circulating pumps are equipped with a variable-speed motor, which automatically adjusts the operating speed of the pump as needed to match changing conditions and demands in the heating system. This is especially useful for systems with multiple zones where each zone has its valve and pump.

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Another type of circulating pump features a temperature aquastat, which measures the water temperature in your home’s plumbing and cycles the pump accordingly. It’s most commonly used with a timer to create a programmable loop that produces warm water at a set temperature, an excellent way to save money on utility bills.

Circulator pumps are available in various styles and sizes, including centrifugal, axial-flow, and radial-flow designs. They can be found in different materials, including cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel.

Internal Sensor

The internal sensor of a domestic hot water circulator pump is an essential component that determines the hot water flow rate through the system. This part can cause the pump to fail if it’s not working correctly and should be checked and replaced regularly.

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Hot Water Circulator Pumps
Domestic Hot Water Circulator Pumps


The flow sensor has three main components, the main housing, a magnetic reed switch or proximity switch, and a small paddle that houses a magnet. When the reed switch senses a magnetic field, it makes contact with the paddle triggering the flow sensor to report that water flows through the system.

When you have the top off of the sensor, please look at the plastic paddle under the cap and inspect it for signs of rust or cracks in the plastic. If you see any of these, you’ll want to replace the paddle immediately.

To replace the paddle, remove it using a small nylon retaining pin that is a part of most of these sensors. This can be done by pushing on the back side of the nail with something flat and pulling it out enough to get the old paddle off.

Once you have the paddle off, clean it and apply a bit of oil to it. This will help keep it from getting rusty and protect it from the environment.

Another reason these sensors fail is that the paddles that hold them in place can start to rust. This is because the metal used to make the paddles is made of iron, which oxidizes when it comes in contact with oxygen and water.

These sensors also have a small o-ring that seals the top of the paddle to the sensor cap, so if the o-ring starts to wear down, it can affect the water flow through the sensor. This can also cause the sensor to fail and the pump to stop working.

If the flow sensor fails, you can do basic testing with a multimeter with continuity settings. If you have a multimeter that doesn’t have those settings, you can do some simple resistance tests on the wires going to the sensor. This will allow you to tell if the flow sensor is open, short, or zero ohms.

External Sensor

A domestic hot water circulator pump is a mechanical device that pumps warm water throughout a building. Without a pump, the cold water that travels between your boiler and the water fixture would take a long time to heat up before it could be used.

This makes them a must-have for multi-family buildings, as they make hot water immediately available to any sink or shower in one unit. A circulating pump is also needed in a home, where it can help to conserve water by allowing hot water to flow faster than gravity-fed systems.

The temperature sensor of a domestic hot water circulator pump measures the water’s temperature. It sends that information to a control device, setting the pump’s operating mode and timers accordingly. This makes the pump work smarter and more efficiently, allowing users to enjoy comfortable, clean, hot water without waiting.

For many homes, installing an intelligent hot water recirculation system is the best way to save water. These devices use wifi to connect directly to your city water meter and measure water usage by wirelessly transmitting data from the meter to a mobile app. These devices have been installed in many large apartment complexes, as well as in individual homes.

In addition to measuring water flow, these devices offer features like goal setting and water budgeting. They can also automatically and remotely shut off the water supply if a leak is detected.

As a bonus, these devices can also track the energy the recirculation pump uses, which can help plan future repairs.

A domestic hot water recirculation system can reduce your water bills by up to 12,000 gallons per year, saving you money on your utility bill. It is also more environmentally friendly than traditional water heating since the water is only heated when used.

For this reason, Develco cooperates with Grundfos to develop a sustainable domestic hot water circulation system for American households. This energy-efficient Alpha circulation pump communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with a temperature sensor and up to 10 push buttons. It is a highly reliable system that can save thousands of liters of water and significantly reduce energy consumption.

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