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Commercial Hot Water Circulating Pumps

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Commercial Hot Water Circulating Pumps

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Commercial Hot Water Circulating Pumps

The Commercial Hot water recirculating pumps help keep hot water in your plumbing pipes and return it to your heater when you close the shower or faucet.

They also recirculate cold water in the line, which helps decrease energy costs and reduce the time you’ll spend waiting for hot water to be ready. You can choose from several commercial hot water recirculation systems options depending on your needs.

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On-Demand Circulators

On-Demand Circulating Pumps are a great way to provide hot water quickly and efficiently. They can be installed in single-family homes or apartment buildings and come with various features to make them easy to use.

On-demand pumps operate similarly to traditional recirculating systems. Still, instead of constantly sending hot water back into the pipes, they run only when you need hot water and shut off when not in use. This reduces wear and tear on the pump and water lines and uses less energy than timer only or always on recirculation systems.

AUTOHOT DR055A-USK On-demand Hot Water Recirculating Pump System With Onboard LCD to View and Control Water Temperature With Wireless Push Button Under Sink Sensor Valve Kit and Pump Hardware Included
AUTOHOT DR055A-USK On-demand Hot Water Recirculating Pump System With Onboard LCD to View and Control Water Temperature With Wireless Push Button Under Sink Sensor Valve Kit and Pump Hardware Included

Depending on the type of hot water recirculation pump you choose, you may be able to cut your energy bills by up to 10%. This is a significant saving, especially if you live in an area where electricity prices are high or if you have a lot of heavy water users.

Another option for on-demand recirculation is a system that sends unused hot water back into the pipes using the existing cold water line. This can help you save even more money if you have a large family or frequently leave the house for extended periods.

Some circulator pumps have sensors that detect when the water is not being used and shut off the pump. These sensors can be beneficial for low-demand times, such as at night or when the house is unoccupied.

Hot Water Circulation Pump with Sensor
Hot Water Circulation Pump with Sensor

These pumps also have thermostats, timers, and intelligent logic, which maximize efficiency by lowering the water temperature while not in use. These pumps also have a higher capacity than continuous-run pumps.

Though some exceptions apply, they can be found in the $500-800 range. The installation process is simple and requires a small amount of plumbing.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, these pumps can also reduce the wear and tear on water heaters and the water lines by preventing hot water from sitting in the pipes, which can become rusty and clogged. These pumps are an excellent choice for older homes or homes with trouble with water flow to and from the hot water tank.

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Variable Speed Circulators

Variable Speed Circulators are a great way to improve the performance of your hydronic system. They can help prevent short cycling and overheating of small zones by adjusting the rate of temperature mixing according to the conditions in your system.

Typically they are used in large systems to control the flow of hot water from the storage tank or heat pump to a heating zone. There are many different styles of variable speed circulators available in the market. Some are specifically designed for hot water recirculation, and others are intended for heating applications.

Taco’s “00” series variable speed circulators are an excellent choice for any hydronic system. These can handle a wide range of conditions and can be easily installed regardless of the type of pump used in the system.

Taco 0012 Variable Speed Delta-T Cast Iron Circulator Pump, 1/8 HP (2″ Flange)

These pumps have a universal flange-to-flange dimension, so they are easy to install, even if you’re replacing a pump initially purchased from another manufacturer. They also have a high-quality motor that provides quiet, efficient operation.

The “00” series is available in one, two, and three-speed models. They are ideal for heating and cooling installations in both commercial and residential properties.

They are crafted from durable cast iron and bronze to withstand harsh hydronic conditions. They are also insulated for maximum energy efficiency and are engineered for quiet operation.

In addition to providing energy savings, the “00” series circulators are incredibly reliable. They can handle high pressures and provide long service life without needing maintenance.

Some circulators have the self-adjusting capability. These circulators adjust their speed to a Delta T setting to match the specific output of an individual heating zone. This can be useful for radiant heat flooring and eliminate the need for a separate thermostat to regulate the system.

The “00” series is also available in a direct-acting circulator model, increasing the pump speed if the return temperature drops below a preset value (typically around 130deg for gas-fired boilers and 140deg for gas-fired cordwood gasification boilers). This is an effective solution for boiler protection.

Thermostat Circulators

Thermostat circulators are an efficient way to save energy by shutting off the pump when water in the system is at a high temperature. They also can be used with a timer to limit the number of times the pump turns on to save even more energy.

Thermostats can be installed on a separate hot water line from the circulating pump or the main return line to the home’s water heater. If they’re on the return line, they can turn off when water is at a specific temperature, such as 6 degrees above the desired temperature. This ensures that boiling water is never allowed to enter the cold line, which can lead to lukewarm or scalding water entering the house.

Energy Savings

For those looking for an energy-saving yet simple solution to their recirculation needs, thermostats are often the best option. These systems only operate the pump when needed, saving money on heating costs while providing immediate hot water at every faucet in a home.

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Another type of thermostat circulating pump is the 3-speed recirculation pump, which comes with a switch that lets users set the speed at which it operates. These pumps are typically designed for homes or businesses that need to be able to control the speed of their recirculating pumps.

These are usually used in hydronic heating systems that move heated water from the boiler to the radiators and back. They’re often installed as replacements for older, inefficient circulators.

This type of circulator is less costly to run than traditional ones because it doesn’t require electricity to act as a magnet. It also costs less to operate because it can adjust the speed of its operation to match the load and flow in each zone.

In addition to being more affordable than other circulating pumps, this type of system can be easier to install and maintain. It requires less wiring, and it can be installed in a way that ensures that it’s properly connected to the thermostat.

On-demand recirculation system

A common type of thermostat circulating pump is the on-demand recirculation system. It is designed to circulate hot water through a dedicated hot water line and the home’s existing cold water lines when the family uses it most frequently. It can be paired with an activation switch and a thermal sensor that shuts off the pump once the water in the line has reached a specific temperature. For example, the ACT D’MAND Kontrols System is a popular option with this feature.

In-Line Circulators

In-line pumps circulate water through a closed circuit within hydronic heating or cooling systems. They are used in residential and commercial buildings for several purposes, including heating and cooling, hot water recirculation, snow melting, geothermal, and radiant panel applications.

They are designed for quiet operation and long life. Some are insulated for energy savings, and some have special features like aquastats, timers, or temperature sensors.

Grundfos offers a wide range of in-line circulating pumps to suit the needs of various applications. They are available in cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel, each with multiple options and accessories for different applications.

Grundfos Hot Water Circulation Pump
Grundfos Hot Water Circulation Pump

Pumps made of stainless steel are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. They can also handle the pressure of hydronic heating systems, making them ideal for hot water recirculation applications.

Circulators are available in various sizes and models to accommodate the needs of different hydronic heating and cooling applications. They are also available in one, two, and three-speed configurations to meet the demands of other systems.

In-line recirculation pumps are usually powered by an electric motor that generates 0.22-3 amps of power. They can run on any standard electrical outlet and are a simple plug-in device that uses a standard impeller-style pump to move water throughout your existing piping system.

These circulators

These circulators are most often found in domestic hot water systems that provide instant, or close to instant, hot water to fixtures in a home. They are also used in many commercial applications, especially where water conservation is a high priority.

Some jurisdictions have rebates for installing recirculating pumps to reduce water use and save on heating bills. Some recirculating pumps also have timers to turn them off during low-demand times.

There are two main types of recirculating pumps: full recirculation and comfort systems. The first type uses the same pipes to heat and reheat water for all plumbing fixtures in a home.

The second type is a dedicated return system that uses the cold water line to recirculate hot water back to the water heater. This recirculation process raises the temperature of cold water slightly, but it returns to its average temperature in just a few seconds.

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